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Live Smart School is School Management System, that have unlimited strategic advantages to your schools. School administrative staff, students, parents can reap benefits from this revolutionary digital project.

It is revolutionary school management web application introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school/institute operations. This application software is fully responsive user can operate from anywhere from Mobile Phone, Tab, Computer. It focuses on the critical functions of running a school effectively and manages processes and operations related to Teachers, Students, Parents,Class Management, Time Table, Mark Sheet,Admit Card,Question Pape, Result report, Library Management, Hostel Management, Financial Department and so on.

The advantages of school management system serve everyone involved in the academic process: the administrators who oversees the school operations, teachers, students, staff, parents who anxiously awaits for the completed project and the staff which gets the processes up and running.
School software provides a set of tools a roadmap if you will, that enables school administrators to smoothly run the institution and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity.
It is a lot easier to imagine what some of the benefits of school management are. Here is the top-ten list of the advantages of School ERP software.

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